Support Coaching

You are in the perfect place if you need someone to coach you through this process.

Our aim is to aid you to get yourself supportable in just seven clear steps. We designed a course to help you make sense of your immediate position or situation (the now), find hope for the future, and build a strong network of support for your journey. At the moment, you might feel like you are deserted, will never get to a place of restored equilibrium, but we are confident we can change your perspective by carefully coaching you through each step. These were personally identified as the key parts that got us to our truth.

This platform allows us to share the knowledge we gathered on our personal journey in a concise and fluid manner, which you can easily access from anywhere at any time. It is more than another training workshop, or book you buy, or website with superfluous information. We have carefully organized the course in a structured format: sharing resources, knowledge and truths; coaxing you to participate and take action in the form of assignments. We provide ample room for feedback to you from our coach as you progress from each step to the next.

If you need the support and coaching to function optimally, purchase your course and take a proactive step into a future where you deal with unresolved trauma blocking your progress.

If you are undecided or need additional information, head to our contact form and send us your questions.

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Course Materials

Everything you need for this course you already have, and the little bit you don't, we will provide along the journey as part of your course fees.